Jewish Law Allowed

August 15th, 2022

The national law of Israel was affirmed for myself last week by the Ministry of the Interior. I look forward to living where no other law competes for my attention or devalues the law of other nations in search of ‘the Path’.

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Update on ‘Citizenship’ Markers in Israel

August 9th, 2022

What are the advantages and responsibilities of citizenship? In a world rife with massive transitory paths -forced or voluntary- the line are blurred until those with full understanding shed light upon the intent/impact of nationhood.

In previous posts about my status in Israel, you saw the egregious issues resulting from policies foreign to a (first) nation being implemented as a means of oppression. Foreign influences within the Incorporated State of Israel too advantage of terror attaks and Co-Vid lockdowns to avoid normal communications between myself and my Israeli bank about a negative balance. Upon my arrival in 2021, I was told a writ of execution made myself a virtual prisoner within the borders of Israel. The debt was a mere $600 with significant interest by this time.

A debt I was not allowed to pay because the collection agency refused to meet with myself or intermediaries.

The claim was that they lacked English speaking staff. Russian translators abounded however with non-Jewish refugees flooding the country. The impact was imprisonment with climbing interest to levels my Social Security income would not resolve. The intent was clear as government office after office refused to assist.

After eight months of horrendous pressures including thefts, vehicular rammings, a stoning incident, and a sexual assault in the female dormitory of a hostel, forces from outside of Israel freed myself from the debt. I had even tried to cancel my citizenship to allow myself to allow myself to end the debt from outside the country, to no avail. The pain of cancelling a dream of belonging within Israel was immeasurable and the case for the necessity was made in letters published earlier in this blog.

Fortunately, cancellations of citizenship was not needed. Freed at the end of June, I again became an Israelite in search of an Israeli passport. I took a brief break to visit the Emirates and the holy city of Medina in Saudi Arabia for six weeks, returning to Israel in mid-July. Here, the mixed leadership (the US army occupied central command Israel) still refuses myself an Israeli passport despite my having become a citizen eight years earlier.

The very concept of depriving a Jewish woman of the most important statement of trust and pride – the international passport giving testimony the bearer represents the values of the issuer – is anathema. My grandparents had documents in Eastern Europe that merely said “Jew”, useless at borders. This Israeli government only offered the same to myself in the travel ‘document’ given upon arrival only for entry or exit from Israel. Refusal serves to cancel my identity as a National of an ancient tribe grown to maturity within its own (

I’ve lived some for my grandparent’s hells because I kept my religion. The officials speaking for Israel must prevail upon the shadowy figures in front offices to give myself the proof that Israel again opened its house in 1948, complete with the national statement of the bearer’s freedom to travel in the name of ‘The Name’.

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TEACHING TEACHERS: The Master Class for Covenantal and Stem Cell Educators

May 24th, 2022

My start within this goal was online publishing via Lulu and Amazon Kindle. I wrote a novel about the hazards of “programming” children instead of educating youth in “The Escargot Series” on Amazon. Returning to the real world, my manual for college teachers to build an anxiety-free learning environment is found in a free, twelve page download(see link below).

My twenty-five year career in teaching included New York City charter schools for the developmentally disabled (birth to the teen years) and seven years as an instructor in several New York colleges and universities.

However, my history in education began thousands of years ago with the Biblical commandment, “Teach them (religious precepts) diligently to thy children… “. Present-day compulsory education in America is only a hundred years old throughout all the States. I’d have to believe the difference has a definite advantage!

In order to transmit the advantage to all educators, I’ve developed a ‘Master Class’ for teachers in order to help our valued professionals fulfill the contract they have with the public. Classrooms are filled with “inequities” wherein teachers are not prepared to view the vastly diverse backgrounds of the students for the most equitable manner of teaching. Teachers have contracts with all tax-payers, students and parents. School boards reflect dominant values in a school district, along with the governmental pressures of the day.

In order to meet the values behind the contract, the mode of education applicable under all circumstances is represented in my Covenantal and Stem Cell approaches to teaching. I’ve developed a four-hour class to elaborate upon the philosophy developed thousands of years ago and apply it to modern life. There is also a portion of the class, directed at administrators, devoted to making education more accessible and inexpensive.

The best institutions of secondary and higher education hope their faculty will turn out fully developed ‘self-learners’ with basic competencies in the subject matter taught. This is a rather limited expression of educational philosophy in an era of exhausted and jaded teachers! Faculty, in divisive times, tend to view students as an extension of the school grounds, or ‘part of the job’. Our campuses placing faith in human development first, need to believe students’ potentials must be fulfilled as future individuals, community members, parents, entrepreneurs and workers. This is what the parents of the students want, and what future employers expect of a degree, from a traditional school.

The sacrifices made in sending a child to college are heavy for most families. The schools are obligated to return each young adult to his or her family, without undermining the values of the community. These expectations require the development of ‘covenantal’ teachers.

Being a student does not guarantee an education nor is teacher excellence defined by the number of students obtaining good grades in their classes (hence, my objection to grading on curves). An educational covenant refers to the personal commitment between the teacher and the student, allowing for the transmission of both regional and generational goals. The results yield all the benefits of an educated mind while also conveying the responsibilities that lead to nation building. The student and parent must also sign an agreement to avoid behaviors that are antithetical to the covenant.

Recognizing that there isn’t such a thing as ’covenantal arithmetic’, skill sets are developed that serve as portable, or ‘Stem Cell’, assets. Stem cell skills produce graduates who are fast and flexible learners moving to occupations often unrelated to their college studies or places known in their formative years. The American success story is based upon the ‘stem-cell’ graduate who eventually rises from shipping clerk to vice-president of his firm.

Teaching methodology in the upper grades must also become more of a partnership in the learning process while eliminating unnecessary stress. Please read a free, twelve page booklet I published at Lulu dot com entitled, “The Fearless Classroom


I hope my project captures the imaginations of teachers. Education was industrialized for efficacy while the most pressing need is to further the development of the profession. Feel free to get in contact to arrange the talk with your group of educators. There are also recommendations for methods of making education more affordable and accessible.

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April 19th, 2022

I have sent the past six months creating a master class for teachers in order to resolve a serious quandary suffered by school personnel. My work product, a notebook filled with my new curriculum content, was stolen from my luggage last week in Tel Aviv. The police report number is 192931/2022. I was drugged asleep during the day and robbed. The loss is devastating but I’m ready to prepare an even better lecture-discussion than before this terror incident.

The key terminology to look out for is my “Covenantal and Stem Cell Education” philosophy and methodology. Intended for secondary and higher institutions of learning, the program will soon be a project on Kickstarter. My hope is to raise the funds needed to lower the costs of the class for less prosperous schools of education and those hard hit by Co-Vid. My initial series of four hour-long classes teaching will provide the basis for a book on the subject for the academic press.

The import of the program is to help teachers define the nature of the teaching contract with all approved students in the classroom. From the neighborhood children to those of migrant workers, teachers will find fulfillment in addressing students at most phases of development. We’ve also long neglected internship supervisors who might have been taught that free student/apprentice labor needs no payment via valuable instructional interactions. Interns deserve better initial job experiences.

Obviously, teachers have different qualifications from one another. Each should be assigned, by knowledgeable administrators, to the assignments best suited to their outlooks.

Students also have different backgrounds and a contract with families to detail acceptable behavior is also overdue.

I hope to complete the preparation of my ground-breaking vision for education in the near future. Please look out for copyright infringement – my first publication of my class offering was made February 11, 2022, from notes begun in November of 2021.

Barbara Roslyn Rubin

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WESTERN JUSTICE SYSTEMS: Middle Easteners, Sit This One Out

April 15th, 2022

A ten-year old killing in Florida was recently memorialized in a book of poetry showcased on the Stephen Colbert show. The “Trayvon Martin” case was the subject of the protest poetry and I recalled being present in the Florida town myself, just after the tragedy occurred in February of 2012. The simple facts detail a professional security guard involved with a neighborhood watch group, following a black teenager in a hoodie and regarded as “suspicious”. It begins appropriately enough with the armed resident, George Zimmerman, phoning the police emergency number 911 while following the young male through the neighborhood.

The transcript of the call (1) clearly indicates Zimmerman was directed to meet the police at an entry point to the neighborhood. When the teen began to move along at a more rapid pace, the police informed Zimmerman he was not needed to remain in pursuit. However, a fight did result before the police arrived. At a point when Zimmerman was lying underneath Martin, losing the fight, he shot and killed the “suspicious”, unarmed teen. Charges were filed against Zimmerman for second degree murder and manslaughter. He was acquitted of all charges by a jury in July, 2013.

Following the case to it’s end, the entire matter appears to reflect the reasons why Semites, and the Jewish people in particular, created an entirely different method for investigating evidence and trying alleged criminals than is implemented in the West. This blog post is not about the particular pain of loss experienced in Florida, both familial and by a mercurial justice system. Rather, it highlights the chasm existing between Middle Eastern and Western views of justice. The travels (and travails) of the Jewish people are all a part of the divide.

In this season of the Passover, the biblical facts of our justice system were outlined thousands of years ago where the practice of appointing judges for the tribes of Israel begins.


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Dear MK Bezalel Smotrich; Demands of Middle Eastern Laws must be Met

March 31st, 2022

Dear MK Bezalel Smotritch

You are known to be a champion of religious law in Israel. Please explain how some of the most non-Jewish of laws rules the Incorporated State of Israel through its business sector.

With all due respect, MK Smotritch, I find it unfathomable how you object to the BDS movement while still representing a government that keeps economic prisoners within the recognized borders of the Incorporated State, even its non-residents. I once heard a tour guide describe Israel as a country with Western values. Might that be ‘SS’ party values of the year 1920, 1933 or 1939?

Please have your most honest reporters interview the minister of finance, Avigdor Lieberman. In question, is the ‘writ of execution’ order that keeps debtors (or defendants in law suits) forbidden to leave our borders without signs of criminal intent to defraud businesses. Jewish people are actually becoming a minority open to physical and psychological persecution and businesses appear to have ignored all religious laws pertaining to accusations of wrongdoing. Where are the Jewish courts meant to arbitrate disputes via methods known to ourselves from the time Moshe Rabbeinu led our people to HaAretz.

On the economic level, debtors begin as clients of businesses, primarily of bank products (e.g. loans, credit cards), medical services, food, shelter and clothing. Clients turn into debtors due to financial losses (robbery, illness, emergencies) and cessation of employment, far more often than for reasons of criminality. Here is a summary of the writ of execution and its effects:

Israel’s Treatment of Insolvent Debtors | מרכז טאוב

Due process is called for in criminal proceedings to determine the basis for an accusation. There is no consistent practice of due process on the part of the Ministry of Finance before businesses are allowed to order the indefinite detainment of ‘citizens’. It is lashin hard to presume criminal intent (fraud) on the part of a debtor and even plaintiffs might be considered as holding a degree of guilt upon initiating legal actions. The likelihood of fiscal errors and failure to notify (e.g. during COVID lockdowns) while a debt is still small enough to pay for those with limited means, is significant.

I arrived in Tel Aviv last October without knowledge of this process, only to be told I was an economic prisoner. The cause was a debt within my ability to pay on my Social Security income. I was not allowed to pay, turning an already evil law into an incarceration of potential targets for further injustices. Trust was an outstanding quality amongst the population when the majority rule here was solely Jewish in nature.

Over half the new applicants for citizenship entering Israel after 2000 are non-Jewish according to a 2014 government report. Just over half the Aliya candidates entering under the (Jewish) Law of Return as of 2018 did not qualify as being Jewish by the Rabbinate. This data is reported in the following news article:

This appears to support the assertion that a virtual occupation of the Incorporated State of Israel is underway by those seeking to undermine the Jewish nature of the center of the Kingdom of Israel. We all know the loss of a majority Jewish population inevitably leads to persecution of Jewish persons within a region.

I was born in Washington Heights, New York City. Most were grandchildren of survivors of Eastern Europe under Lenin’s hammer (workers) and sickle (peasants). The entirety of my religious family tree was slaughtered, explaining why my belief in religious law was viewed as unusual by more assimilated relations converted by political frameworks away from their Jewish identities.

In the nineties when called to jury duty in New York City, I was excited by the opportunity until I studied the rules of evidence and judgement in American courts. I then phoned the jury supervisor to request contentious objector status- Jewish law finds jurisprudence to be a matter of fact-finding rather than subject to a majority opinion held by those unqualified to understand legal matters. In the republic of the USA, the population entrusts lawyers to determine legal matters in lieu of personal knowledge. I was graciously excused, with all due respects, having justified my minority views that a democratic vote by jurors was not an appropriate design for justice systems.

My religious view appears to be a minority claim now in the Incorporated State of Israel. Increasing debt through compounded interest is the only likely explanation for the refusal of the collection agency to negotiate with myself in the English language. I’m a non-resident citizen without an Israeli passport. A disabled female and senior citizen, I’m also unable to converse in the Hebrew language. My eligibility under the 1950 Law of Return was established by the Beis Din of America in 2014.

Violence has ruled my life here with two vehicular ramming attacks, stoning (loosening two teeth) and a sexual assault in the female dorm of a hostel. None were adequately documented by police despite emergency calls made on each occasion.

MK Smotritch, please have the Knesset summarily overturn this evil law. We should prevail over insurgency and occupation of the State by those never intended to become a majority population here. Now that Havana Syndrome is in the news, the pretense that harm has not occurred through the placement of weapons of destruction in the hands of the masses, is no longer necessary.

Absent your action in this matter, assistance for Jewish nationals will have to resume as if this was 1920 and anti-Jewish laws were just passed in the West. Expect boycotts of Israeli businesses because the average non-Jewish consumer won’t bother to determine whether a business is or is not observing Jewish law.

Your views must be reality-based. To fight the BDS movement, make sure businesses are properly monitored and worthy of international approbation.

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To Prime Minister Bennett – I need to cancel my Aliya

March 23rd, 2022

To: Prime Minister Bennett of Israel

This letter is addressed to yourself via my blog because the governmental offices are closed to myself and I am a prisoner of Zion in Zion. The nation-state law failed to warn that the language of most Aliya candidates, English, would be a prohibited form of communication unless I took a preferred ‘political’ position.

I’m a refusenik and belong to no parties given the fact of Jewish Law being preeminent in HaAretz. Due to my income being limited to Social Security, the unfortunate fact that you must pay off Hebrew speakers to get appointments with government agencies is against Jewish Law.

Therefore, I respectfully inform you of my needs, as a disabled senior who made her way to Zion despite enormous difficulties at the age of fifty-nine under the Law of Return. My arrival was delayed by the need to be healed from breast cancer, interrupting my Aliya schedule. A brilliant surgeon in NYC kept her own covenant with her patient and I kept mine with Israel. Now I’m faced with the need to revoke my citizenship, believing my Aliya was not genuine after all. I remain a non-resident without a passport. The first was due to ongoing annual assessments for my disability income back in the States. The latter is unfathomable but I’m no longer seeking the passport now. Returning my Tzeudat in exchange for a tourist visa, until my travel plans are arranged, is impossible without appointment with agencies I can’t reach.

Failure to warn, on the part of the part of the Jewish Agency and Israeli consulates, left myself without the understanding that notice of an outstanding debt via writ of execution involved imprisonment in HaAretz. A mere $600 escalated during the COVID lockout to impossible numbers. I narrowly avoided an illegal scam to believe I’d paid.

I must leave the country in order to:

—-obtain medical care with physicians familiar with my medical needs under my insurance.

—obtain affordable legal assistance to resolve debt issues here. The collection agents deny the ability to speak in English with their targeted debtors (formerly clients of a bank).

—-obtain employment as a master teacher with new paradigms in education (purpose, curriculum and funding mechanisms). I can’t work here to earn enough money to survive. My classes are manageable within my disability parameters.

Please arrange an appointment with the appropriate government staff to drop citizenship (in name only), get a tourist visa for the time remaining on this visit, and to vacate the writ. I don’t believe the Incorporated State of Israel is supposed to imprison foreign nationals for non-criminal, consumer debt. I fully intend to pay as a former client of the Bank Leumi.

Thank you for your attention.

Barbara Roslyn Rubin
No address
Legal resident of Reno, NV

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An End to Gaslighting, Part II Dear President Biden

March 13th, 2022

Dear President Biden,

From the N.Y. Times (Oct. 8, 2021), D. Sanger, K. Rogers and J.E. Barnes published an article that might end a decades-long source of anguish to doctors and patients.

Biden Signs Legislation to Compensate Victims of Mysterious ‘Havana Syndrome’

Biden Signs Legislation to Compensate Victims of Mysterious ‘Havana Syndrome’
The bill leaves it up to the heads of the C.I.A. and State Department to make their own determinations as to who is covered and how much compensation they receive.

Excerpt from the article:

“President Biden signed into law on Friday a new government program to compensate C.I.A. officers, State Department diplomats and other federal officials who have suffered traumatic neurological injuries that the intelligence community has yet to figure out, launched by assailants it cannot yet identify.”


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Barred from the Bar? Debtor’s Prison inmates Unite!

March 10th, 2022

The post tonight is about the fact I’ve been denied legal representation in all matters over the past thirty years. Here in Israel, the goal of debt collection appears to be imprisonment, the collection agency still refusing to speak (in English) with myself directly to make a payment schedule and allow myself to obtain medical care in the States. Im not a legal resident of Israel nor do I have a passport here.

A month was just wasted with an offer of help from a lawyer.(pro-Bono), to mediate the growth of a bank charge of $600 into life imprisonment inside the Incorporated State of Israel. The offer was obviously a distraction while interest is likely climbing. I have no evidence the “settlement” offer was legitimate and the demand for cash-only was highly suspect when the bill required at least partial payment with my credit card. My credit card is regularly paid, making myself the client of banks instead of a debtor to banks.

I guess Israel prefers debtors’ prisons where only a wealthy person in good standing with a political party might afford high legal fees.

In the meantime, I’ve written a number of world-wide governmental agencies with a “grass-roots” version of Havana Syndrome phenomenae. These high tech experimental methods of harm require stationary targets like myself at present, and the poverty of a senior citizen with a social security income.

Messages left on this blog are private, only posted upon request. Suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

Barbara Rubin

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An End to Gaslighting?

March 6th, 2022

My post today is a celebration of another CBS victory via the 60 Minutes broadcast of 2/20/21, later followed up by Al Jazeera news. The subject was most familiar to myself, a target of gaslighting at various points in my time. Methods change but evil remains pretty much the same and usually in acknowledged until it targets the most powerful segments of society. Havana Syndrome has finally hit the news.

At times, when the bulk of a society suffers together for food, health care, shelter, religious liberty or other basic needs, the truth is based upon ‘grass-roots’ movements. I was a part of the movement – championed by litigators on the level of a Robert Kennedy Jr. – where toxic exposures were revealed as a major cause of ill health and diseases like cancer and auto-immune disorders.


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