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Jewish Law Allowed

August 15th, 2022, No Comments

The national law of Israel was affirmed for myself last week by the Ministry of the Interior. I look forward to living where no other law competes for my attention or devalues the law of other nations in search of ‘the Path’.

Update on ‘Citizenship’ Markers in Israel

August 9th, 2022, No Comments

What are the advantages and responsibilities of citizenship? In a world rife with massive transitory paths -forced or voluntary- the line are blurred until those with full understanding shed light upon the intent/impact of nationhood. In previous posts about my status in Israel, you saw the egregious issues resulting from policies foreign to a (first) […]

TEACHING TEACHERS: The Master Class for Covenantal and Stem Cell Educators

May 24th, 2022, No Comments

My start within this goal was online publishing via Lulu and Amazon Kindle. I wrote a novel about the hazards of “programming” children instead of educating youth in “The Escargot Series” on Amazon. Returning to the real world, my manual for college teachers to build an anxiety-free learning environment is found in a free, twelve […]


April 19th, 2022, No Comments

I have sent the past six months creating a master class for teachers in order to resolve a serious quandary suffered by school personnel. My work product, a notebook filled with my new curriculum content, was stolen from my luggage last week in Tel Aviv. The police report number is 192931/2022. I was drugged asleep […]

WESTERN JUSTICE SYSTEMS: Middle Easteners, Sit This One Out

April 15th, 2022, No Comments

A ten-year old killing in Florida was recently memorialized in a book of poetry showcased on the Stephen Colbert show. The “Trayvon Martin” case was the subject of the protest poetry and I recalled being present in the Florida town myself, just after the tragedy occurred in February of 2012. The simple facts detail a […]

Dear MK Bezalel Smotrich; Demands of Middle Eastern Laws must be Met

March 31st, 2022, No Comments

Dear MK Bezalel Smotritch You are known to be a champion of religious law in Israel. Please explain how some of the most non-Jewish of laws rules the Incorporated State of Israel through its business sector. With all due respect, MK Smotritch, I find it unfathomable how you object to the BDS movement while still […]

To Prime Minister Bennett – I need to cancel my Aliya

March 23rd, 2022, No Comments

To: Prime Minister Bennett of Israel This letter is addressed to yourself via my blog because the governmental offices are closed to myself and I am a prisoner of Zion in Zion. The nation-state law failed to warn that the language of most Aliya candidates, English, would be a prohibited form of communication unless I […]

An End to Gaslighting, Part II Dear President Biden

March 13th, 2022, No Comments

Dear President Biden, From the N.Y. Times (Oct. 8, 2021), D. Sanger, K. Rogers and J.E. Barnes published an article that might end a decades-long source of anguish to doctors and patients. Biden Signs Legislation to Compensate Victims of Mysterious ‘Havana Syndrome’ Headline: Biden Signs Legislation to Compensate Victims of Mysterious ‘Havana Syndrome’ The bill […]

Barred from the Bar? Debtor’s Prison inmates Unite!

March 10th, 2022, No Comments

The post tonight is about the fact I’ve been denied legal representation in all matters over the past thirty years. Here in Israel, the goal of debt collection appears to be imprisonment, the collection agency still refusing to speak (in English) with myself directly to make a payment schedule and allow myself to obtain medical […]

An End to Gaslighting?

March 6th, 2022, No Comments

My post today is a celebration of another CBS victory via the 60 Minutes broadcast of 2/20/21, later followed up by Al Jazeera news. The subject was most familiar to myself, a target of gaslighting at various points in my time. Methods change but evil remains pretty much the same and usually in acknowledged until […]

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