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Problem of Lost Health Benefits Is Reaching Into the Middle Class

November 25th, 2002, No Comments

To the Editor, Your 11/25/02 article detailing loss of medical insurance omits the most glaring example of lost but critically needed health insurance. I refer to the plight of the newly disabled. The Social Security Administration notes the huge rise in disabilities among non-senior citizens, telling us to expect that 3 our of every 10 […]

The Manipulation of Memory for Fun and Profit

November 16th, 2002, No Comments

[OpEd submission to the Washington Post:] In her OP-Ed column of 11/16/02, [Ellen] Goodman raises an extraordinarily crucial point when she asked, “Isn’t human suffering more than a matter of chemistry?” The answer is very complex and intimately tied to the concept of a mind-body division which is financially beneficial to the status quo in […]

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