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Erie County passes Pesticide Notification Law

December 9th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, Your article concerning the passage of the pesticide notification law (12/5/03) contained quotes from legislators that require a bit more review than the sound bytes granted in a quick interview. Representative Faulkner’s view that it is discriminatory because it does not hold homeowners to the same standard as lawn care professionals is […]

Complaint to New York Office of Inspector General

December 8th, 2003, No Comments

Dear Ms. Spencer, The DEC’s unresponsiveness in addressing my complaint is the reason for my appeal to your agency for relief of their poor performance. Your agency’s mission goes beyond your stated goals of investigating crime and corruption. Your agency is also supposed to investigate fraud, abuse and waste in government. My case is rife […]

Conflicts of interest at the NIH

December 8th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, The problems of conflicts of interest are rife throughout our government. We appear to have created a revolving door of employees coming from/going to positions in major industries, who are in a position to dictate the basis for the legislation of life and death matters for our citizens. Collecting dual incomes during […]

The Right Conclusion for the Wrong Reasons: WTO and Farm Subsidies

December 7th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, Your editorial, The Case Against King Cotton (12/6/03), opines that enormous U.S. farm subsidies create an insurmountable barrier to foreign economies. However, it has long been an unconscionable burden for U.S. residents who pay twice for our cotton – once, in the stores for the actual product and again in misdirected tax […]

Suits suggest welding is linked to Parkinson’s

November 30th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, This article is helpful in relaying concepts of risks to workers but also plays into the great myth that one can only examine one occupational risk at a time. Indeed, the realities are only hinted at in the article which does, at one point, indicate the absence of adequate ventilation as increasing […]

The Real Architects of Prosperity

November 30th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, These two articles reveal the real architects of any increase in corporate profit margins – the average worker who increases productivity to make up for an ever-shrinking workforce. I don’t recall any of my jobs as a speech pathologist and supervisor occupying less that 55 to 60 hours per week of my […]

Tropicana OJ with Sucralose

November 28th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, Regarding your announcement of Tropicana’s marketing of a “Light and Healthy” juice product to contain the artificial sweetener “sucralose”, I am wondering what checks your paper pursued to check the accuracy of such claims as is inferred by the name. While any Florida paper has vested interests in the juice industry, at […]

Coach ousted by Chemicals and a Very Happy Chemical Thanksgiving

November 27th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, Corrections are indicated re: nature of Coach Allen’s illness (cited as multiple chemical sensitivity) and the meaning of sufficiency in your Thanksgiving editorial. Illness related to chemical exposures is not rare. Sixteen percent of New Mexicans and Californians (survey by health departments) noted adverse reactions to commonly encountered chemicals while 2 and […]

Woman faces reduced charge in scents case

November 27th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, Your article, “Woman faces reduced charge in scents case” by Pat Moore indicates that charges brought against a woman for intentionally damaging her husband via the use of household products containing toxic chemicals were reduced. This was due to the prosecutor concluding that the sprays never “touched” the husband despite his being […]

A Smorgasboard of Suicide Economics

November 23rd, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, On July 17, 2003, you printed a letter I wrote which concluded that “The Bush administration is making a purposeful effort to bankrupt the government so as to eliminate entitlement programs or shift them …” to other providers. Your 11/22/03 edition was a smorgasboard of articles showing how close we are coming […]

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