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Poisons Aren’t Toxic to Everyone Equally

January 26th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, Kudos for revealing the diversity of our genetic heritage (“Poisons Aren’t Toxic to Everyone Equally” by Sharon Begley). Yes, some of these genes allow us to more efficiently guard against the most overtly measurable damage caused by pollutants. However, these bio-defenses, e.g. the enzyme paroxonase, necessary to the detoxification of many pesticides, […]

Can Pesticide Testing on Humans ever meet Standards for Ethics?

January 17th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, Begley’s article, (1/17/03) concerning the use of human subjects in pesticide research is indicative of the despicable lengths to which industry will go in order to market these materials, formerly known as “economic poisons” by the industry and EPA. The very idea that human testing is either legal or ethical is fallacious:

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