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Bush’s Stimulus Plan and Its Two Big Ifs

February 18th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, “Bush’s Stimulus Plan and Its Two Big Ifs” (2/18), describes the absence of political ideology as a foundation for administration policy. Rather than generating policy based upon belief in an enduring future, Republicans choose short term windfalls for their cronies (perhaps past and future employers?). One expert mentioned the only hope for […]

Sheep Dip Doing Harm to Humans

February 3rd, 2003, No Comments

Dear Mr. Helliker, I recently received Steve Tvedten’s email of an abstract for the study of farmers engaging in sheep dipping using organophosphate pesticides. Apparently those farmers who succumbed to the toxic effects of the chemicals used were among a group of persons deficient in an enzyme, paroxonase, essential to the detoxification process for a […]

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