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Homeland Security Act

August 6th, 2003, No Comments

[Also submitted as an OP-ED Piece] To the Editor, The Homeland Security Act’s provision protecting the manufacturers of a wide array of vaccines, not just those implicated in biological warfare. Any threat to industry must automatically be assumed a threat to national security in these times. The implications raised by Susan Warner’s article printed on […]

Policy Formulation for Unethical Research Protocols

August 6th, 2003, No Comments

Letter to various medical societies To Whom it May Concern, If industry prevails in its bid to get the EPA to consider results of human trials on the effects of pesticide ingestion, their studies will require the assistance of licensed physicians to monitor test subjects for adverse reactions. I am writing you to urge passage […]

Open Letter to the Department of Health

August 6th, 2003, No Comments

New York was once a great city, the embodiment of urban achievement and symbol of the multicultural make-up of our young country. It is now a byword for total lack of caring by a government wiling to sacrifice the citizenry to false reassurances in the various health crises we have faced over the past several […]

Hello, I am an acceptable risk.

August 6th, 2003, No Comments

When meeting new people, it is customary to shake hands, reveal one’s name and what one “does” for a living. As I am not currently employable due to health conditions, this presents a dilemma in correct manners. Fortunately, I rarely meet new people who are not part of the medical profession so this dilemma does […]

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