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Formaldehyde in Your Home

November 12th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, This informative article, fails to mention one essential component of the problem. All of those products containing the formaldehyde which sickened workers involved in their manufacture, are then purchased by consumers. The public lacks understanding of the fact that they, too, will be breathing in formaldehyde fumes emitted by their new furnishings, […]

Science versus Technology

November 11th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, “For any man to abdicate an interest in science is to walk with open eyes towards slavery.” This quote by Bronowski is contradicted by the Time’s conclusion that ” Industry looks to short-term goals and has proven highly adept at using science to take care of itself and consumers.”. This duality truly […]

Citizens as Acceptable Risks

November 6th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, Your 11/6/03 articles (above) are two sides of the same coin. Television and even your news coverage of chronically ill entrepreneurs and artists like Mr. Margolis (Crohn’s disease) and author Laura Hillenbrand (CFIDS), romanticize the bravery of people laboring under severe hardships accompanying an inability to be self sufficient. Yet the government […]

Cloned Cattle as Food

November 4th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, I am surprised that even the business section of a reputable paper would limit the information carried in an article to mere quotes from businessmen drooling over a new technology. Not a single person quoted appeared to understood the science behind the technology of cloning cattle. No mention was made of the […]

Employees or Citizens?

November 4th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, Your Tuesday, Nov. 4 edition of the N.Y. Times reads as prophetically as any prediction ever made by Nostradamus! It all comes down to the self-image of U.S. residents. Passivity relegates us to the role of employees of a large cartel comprised of industry and their hired representatives in Washington. Active participation […]

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