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Implications of Government Sponsored Mental Health Screenings: Some Important Questions

June 29th, 2004, No Comments

To the Editor, The U.S. government is obsessed with mental illness as an explanation for society’s ills. The GAO, an investigative arm of the U.S. government, recently admonished the administration for solely focussing upon “stress” related issues in their research into Gulf War Syndrome. Ignoring irrefutable evidence of systemic damage from exposures to multiple toxicants, […]

The Betrayal of Capitalism

June 22nd, 2004, Comments Off on The Betrayal of Capitalism

by Barbara Rubin Americans are a funny group. Our arrival on these shores, originally rooted in the search for religious freedom, led to concepts of an entrepreneurial culture in which social strata were based upon success rather than birthright. However, our industrial orientation has evolved to the point where it can no longer be correctly […]

Gulf War Syndrome is Prevalent within Civilians!

June 9th, 2004, No Comments

Dear Mr. Paine, Thank you for your coverage of the GAO report which confirmed that our vets were subjected to widespread exposures to various concentrations of toxic chemical contaminants. Your interview did not mention the second accusation by the GAO in addressing the neglect of our sick troops. They noted that the government was completely […]

Re: Dear Molly Column: Where are your priorities?

June 9th, 2004, No Comments

To the Editor, Your “Dear Molly” column offered some unfortunate advice, primarily based upon a lack of pertinent facts offered by a woman (“Disgusted”), who was offended by a congregant who wore a “gas mask” to her own adult Bat Mitzvah. As someone who must wear a respirator mask in order to attend communal worship […]

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