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Injustice in the Appointment of Justices – Brooks on Judge Sotomayor

June 9th, 2009, No Comments

David Brooks voted against John McCain, fearing a continuation of disastrous policies. However, his rhetorical pandering to the sensibilities of the conservatives constitutes a great loss to the public. This major columnist cannot hope to assist in the reformation of a major political party while continuing to spout the precise viewpoints that abuse the rights […]

David Brooks and Judge Sotomayor – An Emotional Quandary or Political Pandering?

June 1st, 2009, No Comments

Aristotle is probably hiding under his ghostly bed after reading the celebration of illogic in David Brooks’ column, “The Empathy Issue”. It was clearly published in an attempt to encourage the public to see Judge Sotomayor’s candidacy for the Supreme Court as just another bid to place an emotional female in a venue really requiring […]

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