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That’s Show-Biz! President Obama, Health Care and the Media

September 16th, 2009, No Comments

Last Sunday’s Op-Ed column by the usually engaging Frank Rich was typical of the disturbing transition of journalism into just another form of theater. Entitled Obama’s Squandered Summer (NYTimes, 9/12/09), it completely misses the lessons our learned President has been trying to teach his constituency during these past months. Call it Civics 101, in which […]

Dress Codes for Women say more about Male Fears than Feminine Modesty

September 11th, 2009, No Comments

There has been very limited coverage of the prosecution of women for non-compliance with dress codes for Muslim women. A recent New York Times Article, “Sudan Fines Woman Who Wore Pants” by Jeffrey Gettleman and Waleed Arafat (9/7/09) breaks that silence. The woman, Mrs. Lubna Hussein, was found guilty but spared flogging. She has refused […]

Chlordane, of course

September 1st, 2009, No Comments

The Stamford Advocate recently reported the discovery of elevated levels of pesticides in wells for a few homes, demonstrating how persistent these chemicals are environmentally. (“Stamford health tests find pesticides in wells near Scofieldtown Park” by Magdelene Perez.). The problem is by no means localized although contaminated residences are infrequently identified, revealing the hit and […]

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