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If Corporations Can Engage in Electioneering, They Ought to be Able to Vote!

January 26th, 2010, No Comments

It’s happened again. Not to be outdone by the Supreme Court judges of 1886 who first pronounced corporations as possessing the same privileges as citizens with regard to property rights, the current crop of judges have now confirmed our paper citizens can meddle in the election process. This decision is brilliantly reviewed in this excellent […]

Media Coverage of Smoking Bans – Some Stories Don’t Have “Two” Sides

January 3rd, 2010, No Comments

This New Years saw yet another revival of the ‘personal liberties’ debate about exposure to second-hand smoke in this NY Times article, “Blowing Smoke at a Ban” by Douglas Quenqua. Once again we have an article showcasing the derision of the public for these bans in the absence of citations of data regarding why these […]

Getting the Bugs Out: Pesticides and Your Child’s School by Barbara Rubin

January 1st, 2010, No Comments

This article appeared in the Winter, 2002 edition of “Sully’s Living Without” magazine. It should be noted that most of the population in the United States was exposed to the same chemical as the child in this article, prior to the banning of many organophosphate pesticides from use in residences and schools in recent years. […]

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