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Legislating titles: “Justice” or “Ms.” Kagan?

July 24th, 2010, No Comments

It used to be that the ‘litmus tests’ in confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justices were about whether candidates were prone to narrow versus broad interpretations of constitutional doctrines. How closely do the original words of the framers of that document approach current issues and customs which might fall under court scrutiny? These days, the […]

HuMan History: Women’s Suffering Can’t Change It

July 21st, 2010, No Comments

This is the second of three recent Op-Ed columns from the New York Times which are being examined for their common view that the history of men, plural or singular, can somehow be ‘re-written’ by women. Far from the image of an objective reporter, Nicholas Kristoff is a journalist immersed in documenting the moral failures […]

The History of HuMans

July 20th, 2010, No Comments

Readers are directed to this post introducing three NY Times columns about seemingly unrelated issues. However, there is certainly a common thread to be seen. If we connect the dots between Kristoff’s views and suggestions about the Middle East with the latest local ‘star’ scandal surrounding Mel Gibson, you see a pattern emerging of huMan […]


July 17th, 2010, No Comments

Our national attachment to reality—often hanging by a thread– is illustrated in our newspaper columns. The culture is basically represented in the way in which newspapers choose their columnists who proceed to comment about our culture. Choices vary depending upon the stature of the publication; was its reputation earned for journalistic integrity or entertainment value? […]

Alzheimer’s: Disease or Distraction?

July 14th, 2010, No Comments

An article appearing in today’s NY Times by Gina Kolata (“Rules Seek to Expand Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s“) was naturally disturbing to me. This article didn’t read, “Rules Seek Earlier Detection of Central Nervous System Damage” but named a particular form of pre-senile dementia and, of course, only one way to combat the inevitable decline – […]

A ‘Public Option’ Means Independent Scrutiny of Medical Research

July 6th, 2010, No Comments

A recent editorial in the New York Times tallied up statistics from more than 225,000 elderly diabetics taking Avandia or anther drug called Actos. These statistics were available to the public, courtesy of Medicare insurance being available to these patients. It appears to confirm the findings of another study that Avandia patients have a significantly […]

The Free Market Economy Requires Freedom of Information

July 2nd, 2010, 2 Comments

or Must We File A FOIA Request to Go Shopping? This post began with an ad for perfume. For infants. The fragrance industry has been under scrutiny by various consumer watch-dog groups given the fact that they are not subject to FDA regulatory oversight for product safety. Nonetheless, some fragrance chemicals have been identified as […]

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