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Redefining Capitalism- No Need!

April 22nd, 2011, No Comments

Paul Krugman’s column today is precisely the answer to our dogmatic allegiance to the word, “Capitalism”. When George W. Bush referred to us all as consumers, rather than citizens, it communicated the concept that our status had changed as residents. In addition, every single product and service in existence was somehow a commodity for purchase […]

Apropos of S.F.’s ‘Millions Against Monsanto March’… Why We Can’t Win (Yet)

April 7th, 2011, No Comments

While looking at the announcement for this weekend’s demonstration in San Francisco regarding the ever-rising dissatisfaction of the public with unknown ‘tinkering’ in genetics and the food supply, I read a notice sent to me by the New York State Attorney General’s office. An appeal to them was made when it became apparent to me […]

Time for Activists to Unite – Protest Harassment for your Peaceful Work

April 6th, 2011, No Comments

When can you be certain that you are being targeted for your work? Well, verbal threats tell you when delivered in person (on several occasions) and the ones which come through the email are always entertaining. However, when Park Rangers tell you that they have never heard of any parked car in the lots of […]


April 3rd, 2011, No Comments

Nicholas Kristof always manages to raise our hopes for a future without oppression even as he details life at its worst for people (often women) around the world. In his latest column, he reminds us that the horrors of war are solely justifiable in the effort to preserve life. How can we condemn or ignore […]

EPA Under Attack

April 1st, 2011, No Comments

I’m not a big fan of mass petitions because most agencies will not count multiple signatories using a standard, suggested text. In many cases, identical letters are counted as a single submission but many disabled, ‘armchair activists’ can’t do more than press a few keys to express our wishes. To you, I commend even that […]

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