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The Occasional Hostile Hostel

June 26th, 2013, No Comments

I’ve stayed in some lovely hostels during my budget travels. Many have been upgraded to hotel quality standards; they aren’t your grandparents’ backpacker flophouses any longer. Here in Israel, I’ve mostly had good experiences as well but last night I had a second, serious disappointment at the Gordon Inn and Guest House in Tel Aviv. […]

Setting Your Checkbook Ahead

June 25th, 2013, No Comments

When you travel with a learning disability, organization is essential to your ability to finish what you start in the most efficient manner. This means timing; leaving sufficient time for that flight or train as well as enough time to use the ‘head’ (toilet) before your departure. Changing money is another art and science that […]

When you see it happening…

June 17th, 2013, No Comments

I am currently in Israel and witnessed an unfortunate event in a hotel last week. This could have happened in any hotel in any corner of the world so I removed the identifying details from this post. This letter was sent to the corporate office of this hotel chain and I hope everying who reads […]

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