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Ancient Formulas Still Apply: Covenantal and Stem Cell Education Theory is Launched

April 28th, 2022, No Comments

No, I’m not part of Spacex (yet) but on Kickstarter, new ideas are launched into the interstitial space of the internet. After notifying the FBI about the theft of my notes, I recreated the stolen class lectures on keeping our contracts in education. Teaching Teachers: Covenantal and Stem Cell Education


April 19th, 2022, No Comments

I have sent the past six months creating a master class for teachers in order to resolve a serious quandary suffered by school personnel. My work product, a notebook filled with my new curriculum content, was stolen from my luggage last week in Tel Aviv. The police report number is 192931/2022. I was drugged asleep […]

WESTERN JUSTICE SYSTEMS: Middle Easteners, Sit This One Out

April 15th, 2022, No Comments

A ten-year old killing in Florida was recently memorialized in a book of poetry showcased on the Stephen Colbert show. The “Trayvon Martin” case was the subject of the protest poetry and I recalled being present in the Florida town myself, just after the tragedy occurred in February of 2012. The simple facts detail a […]

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