E.P.A. to Study Use of Waste From Sewage as Fertilizer

January 3rd, 2004

To the Editor:

Journalists have a formula for writing about these matters, obtaining quotes from both EPA spokespersons and industry sources. It is hard to tell one opinion from the other.

Industry predictably reports that their products could not possibly harm too many people – and you cannot prove that it does! All proofs lie buried in out-of-court settlement agreements for the few who actually learn of the connections between their illnesses and these products.

The EPA predictably replies that they have no reason to believe any harm can come from this product or that practice. They are correct since they work only from industry-sponsored studies and EPA scientists are not free to express their individual views.

When will someone contact a toxicologist who studies and teaches about the ill (or null), effects of heavy metals, human pathogens in waste, toxic chemicals etc.? When will they interview those of us poisoned by them? Why hide the toxic ingredients of our products from the public eye? There is no legal mandate to list toxic ingredients on labels under trade secret laws and other attractive little regulations ensuring consumer ignorance and gullibility.

You do the math.

Barbara Rubin

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