A Return to Medieval Times

January 8th, 2004

To the Editor,

“Our nation needs an immigration system that serves the American economy and reflects the American dream.” So speaks the CEO of U.S.A. Inc. The American dream is a constitutional premise that anyone can pursue success through hard work. The establishment of a “guest worker” class at the same time the Department of Labor is educating employers in how to rob citizens of deserved overtime wages, is not coincidence. It represents the American Dream transmuted into a conspiracy between government and business to create an inexhaustible supply of serfs, forever barred from attaining the Dream.

There are no jobs that Americans would refuse to fill, only jobs which do not deserve to be occupied by those who understand the value of their labor. This would leave “guest” workers at wages leaving them still in need of public assistance programs to house and feed a family or obtain day care. Would they be eligible? Should the taxpayers underwrite costs which should rightfully be covered by employers through decent salary levels?

“Guest workers” would also learn that their job “benefits” are a myth. Wages would not support their enrollment in family health plans. Vestiture in pension plans requires at least two more years above the three year terms of our “guest workers”. Accrued funds would be returned to those “locked boxes” which contain the bonuses for company executives.

Vote for a Renaissance man in the next election. Medieval labor practices must end.

Barbara Rubin

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