Perversions….of Science

February 19th, 2004

To the Editor:

This administration is heavily invested in fighting what it considers to be permutations of cultural traditions regarding language (obscenities), entertainment (sometimes classified as pornography) and legal contracts which provide civil endorsements of sexual unions (marriage licenses). Can we possibly extend their fondness for fighting what they consider to be the twisting of western culture to apply to science?

This is the only real “perversion” with which this administration needs concern itself. When facts are proven such as the toxic effects of lead, arsenic and mercury upon humans, it doesn’t matter how many biostitutes (excuse me, industry funded or government appointed scientists) offer statements to the effect that “doubt” exists as to the dangers presented. Evidence has been piling up since the Roman Empire concerning adverse effects of lead. History is full of centuries-old poison plots involving arsenic and hat makers and miners have gone crazy from the effect of mercury for generations in American history alone. And all those damaged fetuses resulting from exposures in pregnancy are sure to be “left behind” as children when it comes to medical care, education and a place in our society.

What credibility can be left to a government which legalizes the selling and unregulated use of poisons to its citizens? We are even expected to puchase toxic waste from industry, allowed to incorporate it in our fertilizers, tars, road salts etc. Is it any wonder that healthcare now comprises more than 14% of our national economy? This booming industry is the portent of an ever diminishing workforce as the sick and disabled will begin to outnumber the employed, tax paying citizens needed to support them.

Our society is being perverted. However, it has nothing to do with sex and only genuine science can save us.

Barbara Rubin

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