Health Care Has Conscientious Objectors. Well, Obama Just Drafted Them!

March 2nd, 2011

The NY Times sports this editorial in today’s paper entitled, “Mr. Obama’s Health Care Challenge“. The President, a socialist to the ‘Far Right’ and an appeasement president as far as ‘The Left’ is concerned, threw out a reasonable offer to the rabid dogs hellbent upon denying Americans health care. This is problematic in principle since statistics show most Americans will be dealing with some form of chronic illness or disability long before reaching the age of retirement. Therefore, health care is not a luxury to be enjoyed by only by the wealthy. That road leads to tax hikes covering care for the disabled, homeless and unemployable “youth” of America. The lack of early identification and intervention in largely preventable health conditions is a serious barrier to productivity. As noted before in this blog, Obama’s style of responding to naysayers is simple and revealing: cough up a better alternative that doesn’t keep Americans from obtaining medical care and he’ll okay it (my less polished version of his challenge).

Here was my commentary on the editorial praising President Obama for addressing those ‘conscientious’ objectors to medical care for the masses. Perhaps ‘conscienceless’ might be a better term.

23. Barbara Rubin, Ca.
March 2nd, 2011
10:03 am

President Obama is severely hobbled by a corrupt system. He has shown a great talent in allowing the nature of that system come to the attention of every American citizen. His campaign and subsequent election led to a far more revealing dialogue with those in charge of running and defending a flawed system. Perhaps ‘dialogue’ is too generous a term. We’ve been privileged to hear the ‘diatribes’ that continue to obstruct our march towards a more civilized country honoring its constitutional foundations.

During the years in which we had a CEO in charge, rather than a President, the United States of America became America Ltd. Our congress and governors became our board of directors. We citizens were demoted to the level of mere consumers, chattel to our nation-states as federalism became reviled. Labor, as demonstrated in the latest legislative agenda of the Wisconsin state house, is just another commodity.

Health care is either a right or a commodity to be purchased by those with the means. President Obama presumes it is part of the federal constitutional promise that we have the right to life. Unable to block the bill, conservatives settled for turning it into a less efficient form than existing single-payer options would offer in order to convince Americans to refuse it. I once heard Rush Limbaugh compare the various tiers of his dog’s veterinary services plan with his ideal for human care – just pay for the level of coverage you can afford. Of course, he didn’t specify which level covered the charges for having Uncle Ed ‘put down’ if you couldn’t afford his chemotherapy. However, the very analogy makes us wish for the old title of ‘consumer’, rather than ‘pet’.

Americans must decide if they want health care. If the answer is yes, demand your elected leadership repair the current law for the benefit of all United States Citizens. If repealed, there won’t be another one. America Ltd. won’t permit it for their pets.

Barbara Rubin
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