Entitlement of Silence

March 4th, 2004

To the Editor,

Information dissemination within the current administration is performed by two classes of authors. Firstly, are the biostitutes, who create confusion regarding basic scientific facts, reassuring us that arsenic, mercury and lead are really benign substances. The second, larger group comprising our Orwellian ministry of information, are those fiction writers I call ‘histwhorians’. These persons tell us how our entitlement programs will bankrupt us and force the minority to support a non-working majority.

They never mention historical facts indicating this administration purposely bankrupted our treasury and plunged us into debt with the intention of eradicating all entitlement programs once they could ‘legitimately’ plead poverty. Never mind that the system was not in immediate jeopardy, allowing time to solve the problem of sustainability for future generations.

These writers speak of the need to restrict consumer access to medical care and thereby reduce national expenditures comprising a ruinous 14% of our economy. No mention is made that health care is everyone’s least favorite form of spending by sick persons who would rather go on vacation. No mention is made of the huge amounts of preventable illness directly attributable to rampant pollution in the name of profits. You don’t hear of the costs of illness related directly to adverse effects of pharmaceuticals, costing over $177.4 billion back in the year 2000 (1). That did not come out of the pockets of the drug companies. Disabled people are profitable for industry since workers can be cheaply replaced as they exit the private sector without retirement benefits. They then endure a marginal existence, funded by the taxpayer.

The public can always be distracted from genuine threats to their well-being by telling them that same sex marriages will directly undermine societal structures. Never mind that history reflects the true nature of marriage as a civil code for forging political alliances, consolidating wealth via dowries and bride prices and ensuring the integrity of patrilineal lines of inheritance through legal mandates of monogamy. Yes, history can reveal all…when honestly told.

Barbara Rubin

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