Time for Activists to Unite – Protest Harassment for your Peaceful Work

April 6th, 2011

When can you be certain that you are being targeted for your work? Well, verbal threats tell you when delivered in person (on several occasions) and the ones which come through the email are always entertaining. However, when Park Rangers tell you that they have never heard of any parked car in the lots of National Parks being hit by a truck, much less that happening twice in one month (in Golden Gate National Park and three weeks later, in Muir Woods National Monument Park), it’s time to consider yourself ‘informed’. It’s hard to ignore, particularly when it renders your car unsellable in the future and you can’t afford to replace it.

The penalties we pay for addressing certain issues are often kept quiet in expectation of such typical responses as:

Then don’t be an activist. Interesting, but you don’t hear those people complain about activists who died so we wouldn’t have to work in sweat shops. However, the pressures can be enormous so if you must ‘retire’ from the lists, do so with our thanks for the attempt!

Call the police. Unfortunately, officers of the law generally review each event as a single incident and will not look at the patterns emerging from serial events. They also lack the equipment and budgets to investigate such incidents. In my own case, I have pointed out the problems inherent in using farm chemicals as ‘indoor’ or residential pesticides. I have discussed another posts how I view this as an essential form of diversification on the part of that industry.
If you find yourself frequently ill, consider this as a potential source of injury and test for the presence of such chemicals. It is important to report each event, ultimately reducing the number of incidents.

You’re just crazy and imagining things. Several automobile body shops differ with that opinion and one of my docs got very tired of having my blood tests show positive indicators of pesticide poisonings even in winter months when none should have been in use. If you’ve read back a few posts, you will have learned that newer-use pesticides can go undetected because few labs have the capacity to handle medical patients as yet, nor are they willing to invest in the equipment. In the USA, safety of chemicals is presumed based upon manufacturer-supplied data. Only when consumers or other exposed individuals become ill, is any presumption of safety challenged. As we are the experimental animals, it is essential that we be able to identify environmental contributions to the ever-rising rates of illness. We can and should be able to demonstrate those materials which are both efficacious and least harmful. We can also modify the ways in which more toxic products are used. This information is crucial if industry is to diversify its product lines in the direction most beneficial to consumers.

The ‘crazy’ line is very useful in keeping complaints at bay but it is important to realize that line is uttered by people wishing to silence complainers. You are the one who bears the burden of such a label for your statements. If you have any concerns about possible harassment or vandalism, band with others to purchase security cameras for your residences and carry a digital camera with you. Such precautions may be an adequate deterrent.

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