Wrong Title, Inaccurate Conclusions

March 10th, 2004

To the Editor,

Your title for this article indicates you missed the boat on the strong differences between fund raising goals of the Democrats which appear, on surface, to mimic Republican strategies. Bush’s contributors have every expectation that their contributions will be returned ten-fold in cash with

– government contracts awarded without competitive bidding (hey, it’s war-time and we have nations to build…)

– tax give-backs and make believe “investment” credits (in CEO bonus packages and dead peasant insurance policies)

– big savings on hazardous waste disposal (Industry can SELL the sludge back to us in our fertilizer products, road fillers etc, absent label warnings of course).

– huge savings in payroll costs now that it is chic to hire illegal immigrants for slave wages. And overqualified, veteran workers who have waited years for a new job after being out-sourced won’t mind not having health insurance …

The “special interests” of the democratic fund raising efforts don’t expect their contributions to be paid back in cash. These greedy folks want the

– preservation of the Bill of Rights, now a distant memory under Homeland Security regulations.

– unions strengthened so employees can’t be forced to give free overtime after increasing productivity by 50% and sacrificing their health care and pension plan benefits. (Serfdom is so gauche in the new millenium)

– restoration of environmental protections without first calculating whether saving 10,000 people from death and disability is sufficiently cost effective to warrant depriving CEOs of their off-shore saving’s accounts.

– renewal of congressional participation in law making, ending governance by executive fiat orchestrated by unnamed industry leaders behind closed doors.

Need I say more?

Barbara Rubin

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