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March 10th, 2004

To the Editor,

All humor aside, this editorial is based upon an oxymoron – the “ethical” testing of poisons upon healthy humans solely for the purpose of maximizing profits for an industry that clings to the unsafe technologies of a profitable past. The chemicals they want to test (e.g. Dursban, Diazanon), have already been banned for use around people, are closely related to WMDs like sarin and are descended from the gasses used in the Nazi concentration camps. There are many effective alternative products.

Numerous studies have proven that the vast majority of adults and children have significant concentrations of pesticide residues in bodily fluids. Other studies show we store them in our fat cells. Any physician who swore the Hippocratic oath should be prosecuted for malpractice (or at least prostitution), if they participate in these studies.

Ethics forbids the transformation of human bodies into waste treatment plants for industry’s gain. The fragile, easily damaged and depleted organs and enzymes devoted to the detoxification of trespassing poisons are needed so we can age gracefully instead of succumbing to disease and dementia. If consumers stop buying pesticide sprays since there are no ways to apply them, such research becomes moot.

Barbara Rubin

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