Medicare Miracle

June 9th, 2011

During my recent posting hiatus, I was in search of supplemental medicare policies. Due to the fact I became a Medicare recipient at an unusually young age, such policies were not available through private companies. Fortunately, there was an excellent policy available to me because my father is a World War II veteran. This was such a golden opportunity for me that I felt as many people as possible should be informed of it.

If you are a ‘blood’ relative of a service veteran, you may be eligible for a variety of insurance services through the federal government at attractive rates. From health to auto insurance, veterans and their families reap an important benefit for their sacrifices on behalf of the country. Please check your own eligibility through USAA.COM and compare it to policies offered by private companies.

In previous posts on this blog, care has been taken to distinguish between products and services which are primary to survival versus those which ought to be considered ‘commodities’ within a competitive, private marketplace. Health insurance is among those services that voters determined should be available to all legal residents in our last presidential election.

Check out the USAA website. There are many in need of these services who may not be aware of these offerings.

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