And to the Republic, for which it Stands…

March 14th, 2004

To the Editor,

It is certainly a shock when stories like these repeatedly remind us that our country is not a democracy where the will of the people is carried out by our elected leadership. We have instead substituted the older ideal of a Republic, a form of government in which the elected leadership discounts the ‘ignorant’ opinions of the common folk. They instead assume the responsibility of thinking for the people, determining how the country should be run and the principles upon which it will stand.

The current Republican leadership operates in such a manner, an unfamiliar form of government to a public raised upon tales of democracy. The leadership varies only in the degree of incompetency attributed to the average citizen. It is sufficiently disappointing to realize moderate republicans are that paternalistic, but at least we are not considered to be serfs, undeserving of some protections under the law re: the workplace, the environment, social security etc.

On the other hand, it is completely unacceptable to realize that many among the far right hold us in such contempt that there is no recognition of responsibility for true disclosures of government activities (e.g.- reasons for going to war; the process by which our energy policies were determined, actual costs of proposed legislation etc.). In this bizarre form of government, insolvency is a necessary tool for putting an end to entitlement programs wasted on the support of “useless” segments of the populace – the retired, the disabled, unskilled labor etc..

So, ladies and gentlemen, it never really mattered whether the President was prepared to spend 400 billion or 530 billion on medicare. Such expenditures were never expected to come to pass anyway in the new fiscal landscape. By letting social security, medicare and medicaid die from an orchestrated insolvency, those in power can pretend to mourn the passing of these staples of the American government while celebrating their demise in private.

In this extreme form of government, no thought is due to those who cast their votes….until the time for casting votes comes round again. It is now crucial for the American public to determine whether it is time to rewrite the pledge of allegiance. Shall we pledge allegiance to a flag symbolizing the citizenry of the United States of America? Or shall we pledge allegiance to some “…Republic, for which it stands,,,”? The words do have meaning and fundamental choices in the theory of our governance will have to be made come November.

Barbara Rubin
P.O. Box 80
Cos Cob, Connecticut (the “Constitution” state) 06807

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