Our ‘Best Minds’

March 17th, 2004

To the Editor,

Evidently, our regulatory agencies have known for two years that dangerous levels of lead were being ingested by D.C. residents from a contaminated water supply. Your article cites that EPA official, Mr. Capacasa, explained, “…the best minds were trying to make the best decisions at the time.”. Evidently, while the “best minds” were ‘deciding’, men, women and children at all stages of development and in varied states of health, were drinking this contaminant, known to cause significant damage to bodies and minds.

How is it the finest minds could not simply tell the public to drink filtered water until they found better minds to solve the problem for them? How is it the EPA is now “…working feverishly…” to fix the problem, only after the story has broken and the truth genie has escaped from the bottle? Are the most valuable “minds” in our society going to remain investigative reporters who let us know the true nature of affairs, both foreign and domestic, scientific and political?

Democracy requires our “best minds” to work in a goldfish bowl where transparency allows us to monitor our situations and respond accordingly. If current decision makers possess the best brains available today, we had better all become surgeons this November and perform a series of lobotomies, excising the lying, profiteering and uncaring portions from among them.

Barbara Rubin

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