“You’re Fired”

March 19th, 2004

To the Editor,

Your latest editorial echoes the learned helplessness of the American voter, discussed in Reid’s article about the public’s feeling of distance from government. You wrote, “How much to trust the administration in future legislative battles will be up to lawmakers.”

Not quite. Executive branch contempt for Congress is nothing less than contempt for the voters who put congressmen into office. But why shouldn’t the executive branch “dis” us when our congressional leaders simply rubber stamp irrational bills endorsed by the chief executive in the absence of supporting data? Does anyone think that medicare reform was possible at a cost of either $400 OR $534 billion? The treasury is being systematically emptied in order to put an end to all entitlement programs at federal and state levels.

Legislators want to distract us with charges of inadequate facts to explain their support for the irrational domestic and foreign policies of the executive branch. No mention is made of the wheeling and dealing that is ongoing before their supporting votes are cast.

Election day must become a national holiday in order to remind every voter that the will of the people takes precedence over any other activity of the day. It cannot be more costly to America to suspend our activities for that one day a year than it is to continue the pretense that we live in a democracy. Lets start testing our congressmen and “graduate” them from office if they fail their civics exams. We ARE congress. Let’s enact a “No citizen left behind bill” and force congress to remember who their employers really are. “You are fired” is a real threat that we must back up at the polls.

Barbara Rubin

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