What the Public Wants to Hear…

March 25th, 2004

To the Editor,

The final paragraph is most telling in terms of what the public needs to know about this White House. Critics like Clarke offer testimony as to factual occurrences while the White House hires image consultants like Rogich who understand the public’s needs, i.e., “I don’t think the American people believe that a president would, in a cavalier way, turn his back on information that could jeopardize the nation.” However, belief is not the same as knowledge, hence the existence of groups like the Flat Earth Society.

All employees frame communications with employers in terms which will draw attention. Positive statements made by Clarke do not undermine the content of his messages for additional action on terrorism. Obviously he made a poor sycophant since he could not get in the door with less appealing information. All window-dressing would naturally end upon severing the employee-employer relationship.

Given the fact that so many scientists in the administration have been fired or have had to resign for not “dressing up” the facts about global warming, toxicity of pollutants like sulphur, mercury and arsenic, it is miraculous that Clarke lasted as long as he did in this While House. But then how do you frame any positive spin about drinking arsenic or ingesting mercury. Perhaps the public should discuss these issues at lunch today… perhaps over a nice tuna sandwich?

Barbara Rubin

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