The Bush “Begats”

March 27th, 2004

To the Editor,

An administration should not just be judged by its employees but also through those individuals who leave in protest of its policies. This administration has provoked a series of high level retirements and resignations of Biblical proportions. The list rivals the litany of “begats” , raising the question of why persons of stature relinquish positions of prestige and authority. Ritualistic charges of political “partisanship” cannot sufficiently explain it.

The “exodus” of individuals appears scattered throughout government from the Security Council to the foreign service and DOD (Clarke, Brown, Kiesling, Kwiatkoswski), to the Treasury (O’Neill). Controversy in environmental management led a veritable parade of politicians and scientists to distance themselves from policies conflicting with the missions entrusted to them by their actual employers…the citizens of the U.S.A. (Whitman, Schaeffer, Bondi, Boler, Dombeck).

We are also deprived of scientific information generated by tax funded research by an administration who regards such findings as proprietary information of the government, much as industry protects research findings which might intrude upon profit-taking. Hence, resignation of Dr. Zahn of the Department of Agriculture, prevented from reporting on the public health threat from antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Most revealingly, even the questionably unconstitutional marshalling of the religious sector to perform government functions in social welfare resulted in Dilulio Jr. distancing himself from this White House. The “other” party was hardly involved in this debacle.

Partisan politics only comes into play when the public determines their own preferences in government – to have their will implemented by officials or hire persons of wealth and power to make their decisions for them based on some concept of superiority. This difference between a “democracy” and a “republic” comes before us all next November.

Barbara Rubin

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