Countdown to New Debit Card

August 21st, 2012

At around four today, I may be able to stop doing my live impression of a bag lady and access my US funds with a new debit card. That will replace the one which was cloned in Scotland. For security purposes, I hope to put tape over the last three security digits on the back of the card since no one processing the card needs to see them. I’ll keep away from ATMs and use bank tellers wherever possible and avoid reading the three security digit out on phone orders. Too many ways to hack into it.

Speaking of hacking, my phone cards have gone nuts on me. One stopped working when the recorded announcement said there was a problem with the vendor – the card was never started properly. Another two were ended prematurely when minutes were stolen from the card – you know, seven hundred minutes today and zero tomorrow is very telling. I think the pin numbers might have been taken by curious people passing me as I made my calls.

More tomorrow,

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