Yesterday has Arrived – Update on an Old Story about Smell-O-Phones

October 10th, 2012

Much of this blog has been devoted to the subject of the misuse of chemicals which have adverse impacts upon human health. Back in 2007 I posted about an expected ‘innovation’ in I-Phone technology under the title of, “Smell-O-Phones; A fragrance coming VERY near you and your lungs”.

This concerned the insertion of liquid material into the phone, such as perfume, for release into the air by the user as learned via a trade journal. For your review, here are several updated versions of this technology and one detailing how it works in certain models: “Another Thing you Need, a Smell-Phone – Techdirt” “Motorola’s Smell-0-Phone – Stinky Patent” “Samsung Patents Perfume-Packing Cell Phone… Again”

In that first post devoted to this topic, was a letter written to the makers of the technology, asserting the potential hazards of placing such things in the hands of every user. Today, nearly everyone carries a cell phone and the Apple sold approximately 38 million of their most sophisticated brand, the I-phone, in the ‘holiday’ quarter of 2012 ( This is a staggering amount of technology being carried around by individuals of all ages.

Why am I revisiting this subject? Because here in Europe (I’m currently in Holland), I’ve been the unfortunate recipient of vapors coming from these items, particularly when on public conveyances such as busses or trains. Is there some kind of etiquette which covers this problem? People using the questionable feature of their phones for the fun of making them sneeze or cough appear to aim directly at their subjects. Airports confiscate aerosol spray cans of any significant size from travelers as presenting a hazard to others. Police will actually arrest and prosecute people for spraying any material into the face of a complainant if ”caught” at it via video or eyewitness accounts. As an asthmatic, this is a significant problem for me and I hope this post raises some awareness levels for other asthmatics that attacks might not be random but traceable to such causes. Teachers need to keep an eye out for the welfare of children at school as well for possible harm by the misuse of this technology.

I know I’m pretty tired of it myself.

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