No CEO Left Behind

April 17th, 2004

To the Editor,

Let me get this straight. More tax dollars are being funnelled into corporate pockets to educate our most difficult students? How many of these children failing federally mandated tests have mild or moderate learning problems which are ignored by an underfunded special education system? When I was a speech pathologist in NYC, I saw hundreds of children denied therapeutic intervention because limited funds were reserved for only severely impaired children. Most of those children were then denied the benefits of individualized intervention in the paltry hour per week they may have been offered for remedial work, as a budget stretcher.

Why not pay qualified special educators to staff those high priced, after hours “tutoring” sessions and actually meet kid’s needs? Or would that deprive some CEO of a bonus this year as a reward for cheaply subcontracting the work out to unqualified “tutors”? Perhaps they will next tutor kids by phone and outsource it to foreign countries…

Barbara Rubin

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