Cintas, The Uniform People becoming the Uniform Cities?

November 6th, 2012

While driving around the USA, I came across many trucks with this sign on it advertising hotel linens and other services. The title, “The Uniform People” startled me as it seemed to represent something quite troubling. Uniformity is the enemy of individuality and cultural preservation across states and nations. Zoning laws seem to be increasingly friendly to uniformity across geographical zones. I became quite conscious of shifts in signage and street names while crossing the country and even here, in Europe.

Cities appear to be altering their street sign names to be identical to other cities. We know that every town has a main street but why would they all have other names repeated (apart from numerical labels like fifth avenue). Are we soon to see signage on trucks called Cintas, The Uniform Cities?

Just a question to put out there for you other travelers to confirm. This became very obvious to me when I hit Atlanta, Georgia. What are your experiences?

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