Spray zone families live in climate of fear

April 18th, 2004

Governments can order municipalities to spray insecticides over private property and residents; they can authorize approvals to market chemicals noted to be efficacious in killing insects. But they cannot legislate biochemistry or turn poisons into non-poisons.

I am a U.S. resident who became permanently disabled with chronic illness and brain damage at the age of 45. The cause…insecticides that I was not allowed to avoid in occupational and residential settings. These chemicals have numerous adverse effects on normal, healthy persons including the suppression of protective enzymes and hyperactivation of nerve cells. These and other effects may be magnified in scope and cause permanent damage in susceptible persons. Vulnerability is not a sign of a defective physiology but of human diversity in genetics, overall body burden from prior exposures, age and health history. The formulation of insecticides does not respect diversity. Neither do persons that mandate their use when alternative methods of insect control are readily available.

People are not crops. Pesticide sprays are used simply because industry makes a higher profit from technologies of the past than from developing safer methods for the future. Respiratory and skin irritants, neurotoxins, liver and kidney damage, allergic sensitization – the list of adverse effects from active and inert ingredients is long and available for review on MSDS sheets. However, physicians have little or no training in toxicology. The public must conduct the research that regulatory agencies refuse to do and assess their own safety levels.

Testing indoor air quality and outdoor soil samples for persistence of insecticide residues will determine the degree of contamination affecting your property and your health. Toxicologists stand ready to assist with instructions concerning collection of samples and interpretation of test results. Those results can be used to inform doctors of lingering health effects and influence government decisions based solely only upon economic theory rather than the physical sciences.

Barbara Rubin

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