Are You Grounded?

January 7th, 2013

No, I’m not asking if you are under house arrest. While some of you are indubitably living under some sort of restriction, this post refers to electrical grounding.

I’m not a member of any unions at the moment but electricians need to unite behind the effort to ensure you are all well grounded.

In terms of your outlets, of course.

I’m still in London working on my publishing goals. While looking for a particular hotel/hostel off of Hammersmith (home of the 211 bus route), I began to feel as if a thousand ants were crawling on my skin. This feeling had happened to me on several prior occasions back in the USA so I knew what to begin looking for in my vicinity; electrical activity run amok.

Sure enough, I was passing by a SONY building. Shocked, I looked up and a passer-by smiled sympathetically and confirmed, “It’s the wi-fi.”. My mind reverted back to several past experiences which might help you avoid some of the stranger symptoms people have associated with poorly confined electrical energy.

1. New tenants below me in a NY apartment were installing a large array of electrical equipment. The gentleman’s bald pate was shining from the effort to lift all that stuff into his basement apartment. When the power company arrived, I felt as if my own apartment was being plugged into a giant outlet. It took some days to subside but I wasn’t quite sure what had happened.

2. I called a woman on the phone to answer her request for telephone assistance via email (from this blog). I had the same feelings described above and couldn’t quite get through the call. She was experiencing seizures and various neurological problems but I excused myself, promising I’d call her back. This was something I’d read about but hadn’t encountered. Looking up an expert on electrical sensitivity, I was fortunate to reach one of the specialists in the field who confirmed that it is possible for ungrounded electrical appliances to affect others over a landline phone. After speaking to a second knowledgeable individual who did counseling in this area with concerned people, he agreed to call the woman to investigate this further.

He called me back to say he couldn’t make it through the call himself due to perceived side effects and that this was a likely case of poor grounding. His wife finished the counseling with a suggestion to have an electrician come to examine the rented house.

I got a call back from this woman several days later and had no trouble speaking with her. The outlets hadn’t been grounded. During the time since the electrician fixed the problem, she’d been feeling much relieved and hadn’t had any seizures. NOTE: Do not consider going off your seizure meds to test this out, as it is among the lesser causes you might encounter). We all learned a great deal from this.

3. I moved up to Vermont shortly after this incident and decided to take an electrical emissions meter with me. Most folks get a tri-field meter but my little gauss meter seemed sufficient. Please note I have no financial interest in the links provided but wish to direct you to sellers of this kind of equipment for research purposes. Using mine, I found the ‘levels of concern’ for exposure to electrical energy were greatest near refrigerators and other major appliances. Advice was to sleep at least three feet away from such sources. Particularly sensitive people were advised to use circuit breakers and cut off the flow of energy entirely to bedrooms or sleeping areas.

While looking for an apartment, I ventured into a rural area. The owner of a small house up for rent let me into this trailer while the current family residing in it were still there – fiercely arguing. Their kids were crying and people were generally behaving in a highly agitated manner. There went those crawling ants along my skin once again.

Smiling at the owner, I pulled the meter out of the bag and asked if I might measure some of the electrical energy in the unit. Given permission, rather apologetically for the brouhaha which he said had developed soon after the residents had moved into the place. The meter registered off the scale when placed near any of the plentiful outlets along the walls. I left explaining my assessment of the problem and he said he’d consult a professional immediately. A call several days later confirmed the source of the problem was indeed electrical grounding but by then, I’d found another spot.

Electricity is miraculous but Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison didn’t know about ‘dirty’ or inadequately confined electricity. Now you will.

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