Attitudes about Government in and out of China

February 14th, 2013

I read an article the other day about a blogger said to have taken rare photographs of the President elect of China, Xi Ping. I have been unable to find that original article but the Washington Post notes it here.

The lines which caught my eye in the other article spoke of how the blogger wished to bring the office of the Chinese presidency closer to the people as is so common in other countries like the USA. It noted the Chinese government was known to be ‘aloof’ from the citizenry.

Perhaps it might be worthwhile to also think of the citizenry as being ‘aloof’ from the Chinese government. Non-members of the Communist party can also write enmass to the government from any corner of the globe to offer opinions or suggestions as to worthwhile projects. I’ve utilized the American right to engage directly with government (at state and federal hearings) and know that anyone can, even if not a registered voter or member of any party.

It’s too good an opportunity to pass up.

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