Nicotine Up Your Nose?

April 3rd, 2013

Here in Greece, I’ve been getting sick from the fumes of something that smells like tobacco smoke – and isn’t. An odor heavy in the airport harkened back to memories of my research in pesticide science when I first came across the ‘neonicotinoids’. It’s spring now and pesticides are making the news like crazy. The New York Times remarked this week on the death of bees in California which is attributed to heavy use of these chemicals. The problem remains that gray area where agribusiness crosses over into the home, office or public building and dictates we use these same chemicals which were intended for outdoor use. It is essential we avoid using them in areas where air intake vents don’t push them into your lungs when you’re in the bedroom grabbing your zzz’s at night or preparing a hot meal in that kitchen you scrubbed so voraciously for the health of your family.

These articles are worth reading given what we already know about the neurological activity of such chemicals. You will definitely want to speak with the professional working with you on home pest control to ensure you are both on the same page when it comes to the least toxic methods available on the market.

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