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April 22nd, 2013

I was reading the newspaper, Haaretz, here in Jerusalem when I came across their reprint of Ross Douthat’s Op-ed column in the New York Times entitled, “Media Balance and bias”*.

I wrote this letter to the editor about it:


The article on ‘Media Balance and bias’ was extremely timely. Questions arise daily in the life of human-kind which we refer to as our ‘issues’. That doesn’t just refer to controversies of our times. The term can also mean disseminated, used in the phrase ‘government issue’ as for uniforms. Another meaning is that to which we give birth. If our many political parties are being issued or dispensed from behind a curtain, (“You will be a democrat this year.”), then it is up to journalists to refrain from discussing events as occupying a particular spot on some arbitrary political spectrum. Life’s circumstances begin as the progeny of a particular group of people in a specific generation. Understanding the context of an event is urgently required before we slap a doctrinal label onto a particular ‘issue’ and wed future generations to it.

How were the children massacred in Ct. chosen to be targeted? The seeds of this crime were certainly planted before our last election, so it wasn’t about our last election cycle.Are people being jailed for their journalistic efforts? Yes, with examples* in many countries, some of whom are accused and convicted of libel because censorship prevents the real facts from being written in honest terms. Do the childhoods of North Koreans born in prison camps speak to the futures of all children who are deprived of natural human bonds and know only their early conditioning by the state in basic survival?*

These are observations and journalists excel in documenting such things. I know I’m starved for the real facts of these matters and resent the shady areas which fall between spoken and unspoken truths.

Barbara Rubin

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