Bush, Cheney Prepare for 9/11 Questioning

April 29th, 2004

To the Editor,

Can someone clarify this issue for me, a mere college graduate with an advanced degree? A congressional investigation is underway in which two key participants will only appear in tandem while neither is placed under oath. Furthermore, no transcripts or recordings will be made. Does this really reflect the level of concern appropriate to an event that took nearly 3000 civilian lives and ended an era of American complacency about our place in the modern world? Does this reflect the lack of checks and balances we have in place for our executive branch of government?

A former president was crucified for hair splitting under oath about a sexual interlude, the precise details of which were arguably no one’s business but his own and the woman in question. But no spectre of perjury charges need hamper the key witnesses appearing before the 9/11 commission. No simple statement of purposeful evasion is needed here (“No, I cannot answer that.”). The participants are not sworn to tell the truth even about circumventing it.

Yes, the search for truth is certainly relentless here – for an society practicing tabloid politics. Maybe we should have the National Enquirer investigate…

Barbara Rubin

The decision, following a practice President Ronald Reagan used in 1987 when appearing before a commission probing the Iran-contra matter, removes the possibility that the transcript would become a political issue and precludes any subpoena.

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