Setting Your Checkbook Ahead

June 25th, 2013

When you travel with a learning disability, organization is essential to your ability to finish what you start in the most efficient manner. This means timing; leaving sufficient time for that flight or train as well as enough time to use the ‘head’ (toilet) before your departure. Changing money is another art and science that is challenged during travel. Some banks and some countries allow you to use their cards and facilities while others will quite literally throw you out on your yester-year, i.e. your memories of when all this was easier.

My father taught me to set my watch a bit ahead. Even ten minutes will ensure you’re not late for that job interview or your date. My advice to readers dealing with my type of difficulty is to ‘set your checkbook ahead’. When my monthly check comes in, I write a lesser amount in my checkbook and pretend that last hundred bucks isn’t there. Then, if the powers-that-be decide to run over me with a power-mower, I have something in reserve. It’s better not to have to ask for help when it isn’t essential. There are enough disasters in the course of travel which will require calling upon those must trusted life-relationships.

They aren’t always blood-relations either. Thanks to ALL of you. You know who you are.

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