Getting Ready To Publish a Book

July 23rd, 2013

I’ve written a novel in a series entitled, “The Escargot Series”. The first two novellas will be published together and a third will follow shortly thereafter. In order, these are, “Escargot to Go”; “Escargot Gone”; and “Escargot a la Carte”.

The publisher is ready but the author is still working toward registering the start-up company that will sponsor it.

The synopsis of the book is as follows:

Elizabeth Rosen attends a run-of-the-mill professional conference in her field of speech and hearing disorders. Her attendance at a presentation about a special kind of ‘internal’ hearing aid leads to some startling observations. Not only are the researchers hiding behind other professionals’ identities, but they are operating on people who aren’t even deaf! These illegal devices are a means for the conveyance of secret orders by the leader of a foreign government which has taken over the nation by a silent coup. Elizabeth must endeavor to learn how extensive this type of human engineering has become at great risk, to body, mind and soul.

The title, “Escargot” or the French word for ‘snail’ refers to the bony cartilage of the inner ear that transforms the mechanical energy of sound waves into electrical impulses which travel up the auditory nerve and allow you to ‘hear’ sounds. These implants (there are real devices that transmit sound imperfectly) are inserted directly into the acoustic nerve above the damaged cochlea in patients with severe nerve deafness.

Various online funding groups assist in the start-up of projects like book writing or opening a business. Reading through many of these sites has been an education. A listing of groups dedicated to that purpose is here. While I can’t vouch for any single site or group, this seems an admirable attempt to do the highly improbable, if not the impossible! Tough times for all just now. I have abandoned my own funding site at ‘gogetfunding’ due to some unexplained rules that wasted my time and effort. I’ll likely put up another site for that purpose elsewhere in the near future. Once I’ve started earning a profit from my writing, I can then pay that amount ‘forward’ to other individuals starting over later in life, just like myself. The proceeds of this book project will also fund medical follow-up for my breast cancer treatments of last year.

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