Rumsfeld is working too hard!

May 22nd, 2004

To the Editor,

I think your paper and Congress owes Mr. Rumsfeld an apology for increasing his workload with demands for explanations of wartime theater operations. After all, the burden of accountability was to be circumvented through such legislative achievements as the “Patriot Act”. Here, Congress exemplified patriotism by granting this administration complete autonomy in the allocation of taxpayer dollars and the lifting of such unnecessary distractions as due process rights for prisoners.

Pentagon and all DOD workloads should be lightened immediately so they can get back to winning the war. Let’s save them the time they are spending in their own investigative efforts by assigning official observers who would report back to various congressional oversight committees. Such observers could relieve workloads for all executive branch members by attending policy planning meetings such as Cheney’s energy task force. That would have saved lots of time spent in litigation trying to obtain transcripts from such gatherings.

Let’s have a Patriot II Act forbidding Congress the right to suspend their official role as providers of checks and balances. Yes, it might cut into their recess periods but, luckily for us, our legislators make too much money to qualify for overtime pay so we can afford the luxury of insisting upon it. It would also cut down on Bush’s burdens during congressional recesses when he is forced to keep working just to fill judicial branch job openings.

Barbara Rubin

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