NIH site on product safety not exactly helpful

December 1st, 2005

To Whom it May Concern,

I wish to know why you include information on products when the manufacturer refuses to list any information about their product? The first product I looked up upon receiving the URL for this site was “Bounce dryer sheets”. As an asthmatic, I know any amount of inhaled residues from this product can put me in the hospital. Not one single ingredient is listed and only the manufacturers’ word for an absence of adverse health effects.

Older boxes of Bounce noted that children’s clothing should not be dried with it as it increased flammability! Older MSDS sheets warned of benzene derivative ingredients which were respiratory irritants. Current boxes have no such information and the company refuses to put any information of value on their MSDS sheet. An MSDS sheet should not be called such without offering any supportive evidence for its conclusions regarding health risks to consumers.

You are doing the public a great disservice by publishing such nonsensical material. There is no scientific validity to using this site as an informational resource if you do not require at least a reasonable degree of disclosure from vendors about their products.

You may cost someone their life.

Barbara Rubin

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