Biodiversity is NOT an Illness

December 15th, 2005

To the Editor,

Ms. Kolata’s recent article cites one of the great scientific misdirections of our time. Dr. Gallo, himself a cancer survivor, states that many toxic chemicals would be found in a biopsy of his tumor cells. He then diverts public attention to interactions between genes and the environment. Yes, the population varies greatly in terms of genetics. However, we must maintain that biodiversity is NOT an illness, unlike the results of poisoning.

Our protective mechanisms are being co-opted by industry, relegating us to the role of miniature waste treatment plants. We know the resulting reductions in our stores of protective enzymes and anti-oxidants are harmful, leading to inflammatory states. A cascade of health effects occurs from the trespass of toxic chemicals into our bodies, with cancer a distant relative.

Manufacturers are allowed to withhold product ingredients from consumers, along with details about those safety checks conducted – and not conducted. Consumer ignorance is a malignancy that can be cured by rewarding makers of products offering full disclosure with our dollars. Let the other vendors take their secret files to bankruptcy court!

Barbara Rubin

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