Terrorism from Within

December 28th, 2005

To the Editor,

Thank you for your editorial reminding the public of the danger posed by the widespread manufacture of toxic, and often unnecessary, chemicals. The public is largely ignorant of the damage they cause since information about toxic releases by local industry is hard to come by and largely unsupervised.

The consumer is also kept ignorant as to the adverse health effects of using those chemicals in their homes, offices and schools. The most common products including pesticide sprays, chlorine cleansers, petrochemically -laden laundry products, synthetic fragrances etc, have been proven to contribute to rising rates of illness in the USA, including asthma, allergies, central nervous system impairments, infertility and many others. Most ingredients are undisclosed and no regulatory agency tests them for safety.

Why do we worry solely about dangers to democracy from outside our borders? The loss of consumer right to know has sabotaged the practice of capitalism. Consumers cannot regulate the marketplace by sending their dollars to the vendors of the superior products, when kept in a state of ignorance about what constitutes “best” and “safest”. The proofs are in the outrageous damage to the economy by medical costs, 15% of the GNP.

Can the ‘Patriot Act” begin to address this form of legalized, domestic terrorism? I didn’t think so…

Barbara Rubin

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