Supreme Court Nominees or College Students? Jewish Youth and the Boycott of Israeli Products

July 27th, 2015

A major legacy of each American president has been the nomination and confirmation of Supreme Court justices. The main issues discussed throughout the preparation of those ‘short-lists’ of preferred candidates were called ‘litmus’ tests. Litmus paper measures the PH of a substance, also referred to as the ‘acid’ test. Without a proper balance, a plant, animal or human isn’t viable for life.

Among the litmus tests for Supreme Court nominees was abortion, the rights of minorities and so forth. Their very thoughts on such matters were recorded in casual conversations for leaks that might lead to a yea or nay vote by confirmation panels.

Today, on college campuses there are children who have yet to register for a single class in subject matters of import but are required to chant magic incantations that urge the financial starvation of millions in the Middle East. All the more satisfying, if the millions are the extended ‘familia’ of the students who identify as Jews. The movement underlying the latest form of hazing to enter the ‘club’ of campus existence is known as ‘BDS’, Boycott Divest and Sanction. The movement is directed solely against Israel in order to ensure economic isolation through by refusing to patronize companies in the Land. The targeting of disputes about Israeli borders while ignoring real occupation entities like China’s illegal presence in Tibet (and their recent appropriation of air space and sea lanes in the South China Sea), demonstrates the established habit of targeting the national identity of the Jewish people wherever we dwell.

Students are no longer left in peace to pursue dreams of learning and advancement. Ignorants stalk them and insist they profess opinions, with or without study, about the oppression of Palestinians in and around the nation-state of Israel. Woe betide the student who fails the litmus test presented with a reasoned reply of any kind, including ‘I don’t know’.

Just as religious and political leaders must profess support for gay marriage or suffer sanctions equal to those imposed upon Iran (on a miniaturized scale), so the Jewish student is imposed upon. That torturous path is the new distraction from open speech about radical, militant Islamic violence and work-wide economic failures. No one wins that day.

I’ve been to colleges and universities. I’ve taught in colleges and universities. Public and private funds are being funneled into these naïve and destructive indulgences of students playing out adult roles for governance of nothing. They have no real authority to do more than divorce the student body from pursuit of the individual freedom to learn about the realities of life in today’s world.

Suggested Rules for Student Political Engagement:

All politically oriented groups should have privately funded offices away from campus property. Universities get public funding and tax exemptions so it’s on our ‘dime’ when students play at thwarting one another instead of studying.

All political rallies should be held off campus and require the usual permits for such gatherings.

Debates should be encouraged on campuses within the various disciplines of study. However, participants should have resumes documenting study in those areas through completed coursework to avoid immature displays of ignorance masquerading as authority. Genuine debate is real preparation for discussions held everywhere from parliamentary floors to boardrooms.

To summarize, our young and aspiring intelligentsia still need a framework for the preparation of their hearts and minds to deal with the cold reality of a world filled with the loss of opportunities available a few years ago. Jewish students learning about a standard of excellence in peace and in war, represented in the Star of David, are threatened into donning the uniform of the week and denouncing Israel. Participation in a baseless hatred of policies poorly analyzed and harmful to both Palestinians and Israelis is on the record. That record might later lead to blacklisting from jobs and block immigration to Israel as per the Law of Return to the Jewish homeland.

Bastions of higher education are the last places where action should be taken upon unfounded statements presented as facts. While we needn’t go as far as Europe in criminalizing lying, (e.g. Holocaust denial), neither should we pay teachers to tell outright lies or fund children to attend classes taught by those who lie on our school properties. Youth today should not be granted the right to turn American campuses into a student-run version of Tiananmen Square. The politics of peer coercion are like tanks and recriminations follow in those tracks, perhaps destined to last a lifetime.

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  1. Hosting Italia

    With regards to sexual orientation , no Supreme Court justice has identified himself or herself as anything other than heterosexual , and no incontrovertible evidence of a justice having any other sexual orientation has ever been uncovered. However, the personal lives of several justices and nominees have attracted speculation.

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