Nuclear Proliferation – More Than One Kind

September 3rd, 2015

The United Nations Office for Armament Affairs offers up a history of agreements for the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons begun in 1968. Extended indefinitely in 1995, there are 190 signers of this agreement limiting increases of these devices. While everybody has been involved in that endeavor, war has neither ceased nor desisted.

There is yet another means of nuclear proliferation that nobody appears to be trying to eliminate. Cancer is the proliferation of abnormal cells whose nuclei divide endlessly. The proliferation rate, as measured in the counting of cells in their mitotic states, is the predictor of death by this highly preventable disease.

Half of American men and a third of American women get cancer. The treatments are themselves barbaric. Our nation has developed a survivor mentality while awaiting a Superman (or woman) with an MD to utilize their X-ray vision and render a diagnosis.

As a breast cancer survivor,(for the present), I ask each person to evaluate the cellular type of proliferation doing violence to our health. Please raise your voice to limit the dissemination of carcinogens through the purposeful and accidental abuses of chemicals.

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