Dear Politicians (and voters)

September 30th, 2015

Dear Politicians,

You have all been reading the ‘linked in’ website for too long and refuse to follow a single thread of policy, from start to finish, without a comparison being drawn.

There are no discussions of protecting the vulnerable populations without pointing at a less vulnerable group to blame for …, invulnerability perhaps? We can speak about the poor without reference to the wealthy because the wealthy Americans didn’t produce poor immigrants. Let’s return to subjects of opportunity instead.

There are no discussions about the vulnerability of the fetus without speaking about the right to choose abortion. Let’s talk about why half of all pregnancies in America end in ‘spontaneous abortion’, formerly referred to as miscarriages. When we solve the problem of THAT ‘miscarriage’ of justice we can return to issues of a right to choose. Right now, we are refused the right to carry a fetus to full term. Something in the air perhaps?

The equality gap is a form of mental illness. The gap is actually the distance you must mentally traverse between existence and life. There is no minimum wage that guarantees you have ‘made it’ when your discretionary income is spent in a stage 4 cancer ward worrying about your ten year old daughter and your eight year old son getting through school.

Please stop defining life and law through comparisons. We shouldn’t need to stand in each other’s shoes because we all have a single law of life in common that defies legislation- human physiology. Glenn Beck (Christian Right) said that the constitution was all that stood between the natural laws of men and their governments. Perhaps the NIH (National Institutes of Health) ought to be in charge of the next constitutional congress. Interestingly, Israel has no constitution and each person upholds life as an inalienable possession – not a right. Self-governance is natural.

Rules of grammar demand there be an “I” before a “We”. “I” is never a comparison term.

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