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April 5th, 2006

To the Editor,

I have yet to see any articles which explain how ‘immigrants entering this country under anything less than ‘green card status’, will experience better lives. How can ‘guest workers’ be expected to survive with wages that will fall below those already known to be inadequate to pay for food, rent, medical care education and transportation? How can they send home money to to support their families and still save enough to pay for ‘fines’ and ‘back taxes’ when they eventually qualify to become citizens? And will those new citizens go jobless with the next wave of underpaid immigrants? How many of these essentials will have to be provided via government subsidies – the newest way for industry to finance their ‘benefits packages’!

If industry will go ‘under’ without a class of workers who lack all the protections Americans have fought to earn over the past century, why not make employers responsible for paying the taxes these ‘guests’ will incur over their years of indentured servitude? To end years of invested labor only to end in debt to the ‘company store’ that is now our government, is a travesty of capitalism. Liberalize the granting of green cards to eligible persons following basic checks on criminal status, health etc. so immigrants, with their families, can truly be eligible to participate in the American Dream. Otherwise, feudal economics reigns once again.

Barbara Rubin

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